1. How do I book a transfer?
You can book transfers in various ways: by filling out online form, via e-mail, phone, SMS, Viber, WhatsApp or the Facebook Messenger. After making the reservation, you will receive confirmation on your e-mail address. You can print the voucher and bring it with you or show it from your device to our driver at the starting point.

2. How do I pay for the booked transfer?
You can pay online directly through our website, by paying to our account (bank transfer) or to our driver.

3. Is the transfer price listed on the website the final price?
The price listed on the website price list is the final price and it cannot be higher than that. In special cases, for example when we have special rates and promotional offers, the price may be reduced for a certain percentage. In case you need transfer between two addresses that are not listed in our price list, our client service will email to you the final offer for the requested transfer.

4. How far in advance should I make a reservation for my transfer?
Transfer can be booked whenever you want. If the transfer is booked within 24 hours of the scheduled time, it is very important to wait for the confirmation from our client service, it will respond shortly to your request.

5. What does the price of a transfer include?
The price includes the transport of passengers from the starting point to the destination with air-conditioned vehicle, free WiFi internet, as well as transport of your luggage. Our driver arrives at the starting point before the scheduled time and is awaiting your arrival. Upon arrival, you will be taken to the destination in the shortest possible timeframe.
6. Is the price calculated per one person or per more persons?
The prices listed on the website are calculated per vehicle, in which there may be 1 to 8 passengers. The price is calculated for a maximum of 8 passengers.

7. Which vehicles do you have at disposal?
We use the Opel brand vehicles, the Vivaro type. The vehicles have 8 passenger seats and 1 driver's seat; they are air-conditioned and equipped with free WiFi internet.

8. How long will my transfer last?
The duration of the transfer depends on the distance of the destination, but may also vary due to several factors: traffic, road works, weather conditions, etc. Our drivers will ensure that you arrive on time and safely to your destination.

9. What will happen if my flight is delayed? Do I have to pay more due to a flight delay?
Our drivers are informed about all delay times and possible delays, and will be waiting for you at the correct time in the arrivals terminal. In such cases, you will not have any additional charges.

10. How many pieces of luggage can I take with me in the vehicle?
The driver will ensure that your entire personal luggage within the normal amount is placed in the vehicle.

11. Are pets allowed in your transport vehicles?
Yes, pets are allowed, but provided that they are placed in an appropriate transport boxes (travel box etc.).

12. Can I rely on your driver?
Our driver is a professional with long term experience and all required transfer licenses.

13. Is the driver's tip included in the price of the service?
No, the tip is not included in the price and it is not required. It can be provided at your discretion.


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